Women Resource Centre

Women Resource Centre or skill enhancement resource centre, started to empower the women students of Kerala in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) by providing requisite training in their respective colleges through the State-of-the art computer labs with broadband connectivity. This centre will provide all necessary assistance and support to the students to enhance/ upgrade their skill levels to suit the requirement of industry and training them for the employment in the ICT and BPO industry. The advantages of employing women viz, low attrition, higher dedication, higher learn-ability will more pronounced with the implementation of the project.

The programme also provide information dissemination, raising awareness, capacity building, and translation of skills into practice increases women's economic options and promote their sense of worth. Enhanced organizational and social leadership skill empowers them socially and politically.

The Kerala State IT Mission so far has established 16 Women Resource Centres from 2008 in various arts and science colleges across the State.