Video Conferencing - VC

Video Conferencing between Courts and Jails Launched

The Video Conferencing (VC) Project, started by KSITM in 2004 and commissioned in December 2005, has been developed with the purpose of creating an easy and convenient means for Government Departments to improve their functioning through location-independent and real-time communication access. The Project has made it possible to achieve linkages amongst Kerala State IT Mission, all District Collectorates, North Committee Room - Government Secretariat, Public Office, Vikas Bhavan, Kerala House, New Delhi and Advocate General's Office, Ernakulam. The setting up of VC room at Kasargod Collectorate is in progress.

The availability of this service has helped in organising immediate online conferences and discussions even while minimizing strain to participants besides saving time and expenses. The provision of recording provides an avenue for future reference.


  1. Video conferencing with one to one location and multi point locations are possible.
  2. Audio conference to participants' mobile or land line is possible.
  3. Supports both IP based and ISDN connectivity.
  4. Displaying a maximum of of 16 video conferencing locations at a time in the screen.
  5. Power point presentation can be done through video conferencing.
  6. Recording of video conferencing session to DVD-R is possible.
  7. Maximum 20 locations can be connected at a time.
  8. Conference/s can be controlled from a single location using the features available with Multi point Control Unit (MCU).
  9. Multiple conference can be done simultaneously.
  10. Webinar can be integrated to the video conferencing using a computer with internet connection and webcam. Webcam and internet is needed only in one main video conferencing location.

Available to Government Departments, Boards and other Government organisations, the project has found favour with Ministers and Heads of various Departments of Kerala. It has been vastlly used for discussions with Teecom, Dubai in finalising the terms of the flag ship project 'Smart City'. The facility has been used in the past by the High Court to take evidence from under-trials located in foreign countries. The Sutharya Keralam Programme of the Hon.Chief Minister of Kerala also heavily uses this technology. An average of 250 Video Conferences are conducted every year.

For availing this service, Departments may send letter to Director, Kerala State IT Mission or email to vc.ksitm@kerala.gov.in. The request for availing the VC should reach three working days before the proposed VC, preferably by email for speedy action. The details to be included in the letter/email/fax are

  1. The date and time of the VC
  2. Locations to be covered for the VC
  3. Duration of the VC
  4. Purpose of the VC
  5. Participants of the VC (Details of Departments and Officers)

Departments may also ensure the availability of the VC by checking the calendar at http://vc.keralaitmission.org/