ServicePlus is software designed and developed by NIC, under Ministry of IT, Government of India. It is a generic metadata based frame work that can be used to configure and launch e-services quickly using its flexible workflow and provision for dynamic design of application forms. Service Plus framework has various features available to quickly enable a service with general customizations to the software. It is a configurable unified service delivery & grievance redressal framework which facilitates rapid rollout of any service. Since it is not hard coded, ServicePlus can be reused for any other service in the same state or any other state across the country.

Features of ServicePlus

It is based on Open Source tools and technologies.

  • Can be used in any UNICODE enabled Indian language.
  • It is e-mail and SMS enabled.
  • Can be configured for 2D-bar code and digital signature.
  • Citizen can access either the national portal or State-specific portals to access services.
  • Can integrate with back-end processes through a uniform interface.
  • Can be integrated with Payment Gateway.
  • Can deliver important interfaces through mobile.
  • Supports online, offline as well as kiosk-based application submission.
Functions of ServicePlus -For Government

Allows any department at any level of government to:
  • Define and configure its service in terms of beneficiary profile, service charges, payment mechanism, service delivery modes, application form and backend processes.
  • Define grievance redressal policy for a service.
  • Integrate back-end processes with service work flow.
  • Launch a service within short timelines.
  • Deliver service.
  • Manage kiosk policies.
  • Monitor performance of government functionaries and kiosk operators.
Functions of ServicePlus –For Citizens

Provides a single, unified portal for the citizen to:
  • Query his/her eligibility for any service provided by the government.
  • Register and manage all enclosures which can be re-used across all services.
  • Apply for any service provided by the government and track it online as well as over email or mobile.
  • Access details about any service provided by the government.
  • Receive alerts on new services announced by the government or changes to the definition of existing services.
  • Lodge grievance in case of deficiency in service or failure to deliver service.
Functions of ServicePlus –For Kiosk Operators

Apply on behalf of a citizen and track their status.

Manage their engagement with the government to:
  • Register as a Kiosk operator.
  • Manage account re-charging.

Advantages of ServicePlus:

Avoid Delays:

For every service that is proposed to be electronically delivered, a new module or application is to be written, leading to delay in enabling the service and therefore further delay in rolling it out. Using ServicePlus software framework, this can be done without much delay because the application is already developed and only certain amount of configuration is to be done.


Since different services are using the same ServicePlus framework, interoperability among services or departments can be easily addressed.

Need not reinvent:

Many services will have the same capabilities; hence it is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel for providing same capabilities to different services.

Empowers the citizen:

ServicePlus empowers the citizen with the most important capability-"Know Your Entitlement" i.e., the citizen will be able to know about what or which government service he/she is entitled to based on his/her profile.

Financial Advantage:

Additional cost involved in creating and maintaining the software by each department can be saved using ServicePlus. Cost involved in Service Plus is limited only to the manpower required for configuration of Service Plus and may be for customization of Service Plus to a certain extent. Also, additional cost involved in re-inventing the wheel for developing service with the same capabilities can be avoided.