Under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), State Data Centre (SDC) has been branded as one of the core infrastructure components to consolidate services, applications and infrastructure to provide proficient electronic delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services. Along with providing services for government's own access, the State Data Centre will act as a mediator and convergence point between open unsecured public domain and sensitive government environment.

The New Data Centre will enable various State departments to host their services or applications on a common infrastructure leading to ease of integration and efficient management, ensuring that computing resources and the support connectivity infrastructure (SWAN/NICNET) is adequately and optimally used. These services would be extended to Government agencies, citizens and businesses through the connectivity infrastructure being rolled out such as State Wide Area network (SWAN) and Common Service Centers (CSC).

Department of Information Technology (DIT), GoI has taken note of the broad requirements of a typical data centre which include infrastructure facilities (physical, electrical, air conditioning etc.,) installation and integration of IT infrastructure (servers, telecom equipment, integrated portal/ departmental information system, Enterprise and network management system, security, firewalls/IDS, networking components etc.), software and databases. DIT has also formulated the Guidelines to provide Technical and Financial assistance to the States for setting up State Data Centre. Department of IT has also taken note of the proliferation/size of applications to be hosted at the SDC and has built-in provisions to ensure future scalability of the SDC while determining its initial sizing.

Functions of New State Data Centre:
  • Central Repository of the databases for the State
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Online Delivery of Services
  • Citizen Information/Services Portal
  • State Intranet Portal
  • Remote Management
  • Service Integration

WIPRO Infotech Ltd has been selected as the consultant to provide technical assistance to the state for project conceptualization/development, bid process management, supervision and implementation of the State Data Centre.