Mobile Service Gate Way M-Governance Kerala

M-Governance or Mobile Governance involves the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for Governance. M-Governance, initiated by Kerala State Government, has started with the aim to utilize the strengths of Mobile penetration in the State using the concept of "always-on" connection for the delivery of government services to common people. And there by offers various government department services through mobile phones accessible to the citizens in the field, in the street, at home or other convenient locations on a 24 X 7 basis, rather than the users having to visit government offices or log on to the internet portals to access services.

M-Governance project in Kerala is perhaps the first comprehensive project of its kind undertaken by any state in the country. The vision of m-governance project is to build or showcase solutions and applications which will be benchmarks in M-governance services across the world.

An encapsulated and comprehensive integrated Service Delivery Platform is being created and integrated with the e-Governance infrastructure, for enabling m-Services of various Departments in a "Plug and Play" fashion. The m-Governance Service Delivery Platform (SDP) includes a unique branded, easy to remember Unique Short-Code 537252 - K E R A L A for the citizen to remember the spelling of Kerala and type it in non-qwerty mobile keypad, which is the single touch point for availing many m-services of 90 State Government Departments.

The three channels of mobile communication (Voice, Signalling and Data) and a wide range of technologies (Voice Applications, Applications using signalling channel and data service based Applications) are being used for this purpose. The Common Mobile Service Delivery Platform can be leveraged by departments for m-powering their services which include setting up of services for SMS, MMS, USSD, Voice and IVR platform (a stack of hardware and software). The focus is to build a centralized platform into which the services/solutions for each and every Department can be integrated. The approach adopted is to identify services and design solutions, wherein the primary focus has been to leverage the existing networks and available wireless technologies. As many as 90 Departments are now using the m-SDP to provide their services and the portfolio of services is expanding.

M-governance objectives:
  • Could Bridge the Digital Divide in Kerala
  • One of the comprehensive mobile governance projects in India
  • Adopted by many states and admired by World Bank
  • Based on the success of Kerala M-gov MSDG has found a place in the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)
  • Could prove that ICT projects can bring in economic returns even to the Government and can generate surplus by way of revenue sharing agreement with the mobile operators
  • M-Governance involves the utilization of all kinds of wireless and mobile technology services, applications and devices for improving benefits for citizens, businesses and all Government departments
Pilot services implemented for Citizens are:

(To avail this service Send SMS to Number 537252 along with appropriate SMS format. Click here for the format)

  1. C Complaint Registration System for Kerala Women's Commission (KWC)
  2. M-Governance SMS Alerts for Kerala Public Service Commission
  3. Entrance Results for Kerala Engg/Medical Entrance Exam Results 2010 / 2011
  4. C SMS voting for Green Kerala Express
  5. C Mobile Ticket-Reservation for Kerala State Film Development Corporation
  6. C File Tracking System for Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan
  7. Information Services for Motor Vehicles Department
  8. C Timber Alerts for Kerala Forest Department
  9. C Sabarimala Information Alerts/Helpline for Kerala Police
  10. Mobile e- Governance for Department of Lotteries
  11. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala State Road Transport Corporation
  12. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala Water Authority
  13. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala Financial Corporation
  14. Mobile e- Governance for Agricultural University
  15. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala Shops & Commercial Establishment Workers Welfare Fund Board
  16. Audio-Guide for Kerala Tourism
  17. SSLC Results on Mobile
  18. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala State Financial Enterprises
  19. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala State Transport Project
  20. Mobile e- Governance for Kerala Legislative Assembly
  21. Information Kerala Mission
  22. Scholarship Alerts - Department of Collegiate Education
  23. Chemical Examiners Laboratory
  24. District Collectorate, Alappuzha
  25. Chief Electoral Office
  1. Out Bound Dialing Facility for KISSAN KERALA project
  2. The Mobile Service Delivery Platform has been incorporated with the KISSAN KERALA project for providing push and pull based SMS services as well as Out Bound Dialer integration has been done for providing voice based services to Farmers in regional language (Malayalam).

    KISSAN Kerala project offered the following information through mobile:

    • Information on the availability of planting materials
    • SMS based Weather information
    • SMS based information on the availability of Livestock Farms
    • Soil Information on mobile
    • SMS based two-way query answering system (Ask our Experts through mobile)
    • SMS based alert for the new schemes declared by the Government
    • SMS based intra Departmental information management system
    • SMS based information on Krishideepam Television Program
    • Access Agri Videos through your mobile
    • Mobile voice based monthly crop management advise
    • Voice based information service

  3. Computerized Call Centre for Commercial Taxes Department
  4. The Multi-lingual IVR based Call centre and help desk has been established for the Kerala State Commercial Taxes Department. The computerized call Centre is a fully managed Interactive Voice Response Server System. A citizen who wishes to lodge complaint or a feedback can dial a 10 digit Number and record the complaint/feedback through an interactive process. Callers will get a Unique Registration Number by SMS and Voice and also will receive alerts via SMS and Voice at various stages of the Complaint.