Kerala Spatial Data Infrastructure (KSDI) is an Internet based Geo Spatial Data Directory for the state that allow the users to share and explore the information related to political and administrative boundaries, state geography, demography, agro and socio economy, resources, infrastructure facilities with attributes. In the future the site can also be extended to sale and purchase of data online.

Spatial datasets generated, maintained and provided by various concerned Departments of the State Government, academia, private or civil society organizations of Kerala are proposed to be made accessible through the project data clearing house mechanism.

The spatial information provided through the website will help in making appropriate decisions at the local and state-level planning, implementation of state action plans, infrastructure development, disaster management support and also business development.

Benefits of KSDI

  • Bringing together geo-spatial knowledge and information under a common platform, which till date has existed as a disparate system and unknown to quite a wider section of the society, institutions, scientific community and government departments
  • Gateway for various data generating agencies to share the information across various government departments, NGOs, academies, industries and scientific organisation.
  • Provides spatial data dictionary and map directory for the state.
  • Facilitate decision support system and helps in local level planning.
  • Eventually can be used for the data sale and purchase, which can be part of the state revenue generation.
For more details log on: - http://ksdi.kerala.gov.in/KSDI/