Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

1.1. Knowledge based Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Science and Technology driven Innovation comes under a broad category of innovation definition called "Knowledge based Innovation". It is critical to bring in this definition as we are in a Knowledge economy and there are other factors which impact the development of Science and technology based inventions and breakthroughs to a land.

The Information technology "start ups", essentially belong to the second category enterprises discussed above and seem to be bringing about disruptions in the sectors they are emerging. These innovators are today equipped with the power of Internet and developments in Information technology and hardware devices. They seem to be creating a market pull in unexpected directions and the convergence of ICT, mobility and cloud technologies seem to be favoring the same.

The thrust effected by re-engineered business models in the concerned sectors has been tremendous. In hospitality we have the largest accommodation provider who doesn’t own a property and in Media we have the largest media company, which doesn’t have a production facility. These were models unthought-of or written off not too long ago and similar disruptions are happening in education, healthcare and all such sectors.

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