Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

3. Online procurement guidelines

  1. Establishing Channels of procurement of goods
  2. E-Commerce portals interested in delivering the goods to government or OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who do not have a direct delivery would be asked to register their authorized partners with the Government. These registered e-commerce sites shall then be the identified channels of online purchase for government requirement. The empanelment shall be reviewed year on year based on their performance.

    The standardization of products be various vendor empanelled products shall be done through a transparent process and the provision for addition and deletion of products from the list shall be clearly laid out.

  3. Government Process re-engineering to meet the requirements of such online procurement
  4. The government shall issue necessary directives to alter or amend the stores purchase manual to ensure that the purchase through the technology platforms is possible.

  5. Devices up gradation , maintenance and buyback
  6. Government shall insist that for every government purchase of devices it shall be mandatory that there shall be a local partner who shall be responsible for the upgradation and maintenance of the device. The local partner shall be a trained and authorized partner for such maintenance. The Government shall also insist on a buyback clause during the time of purchase to ensure that the e-waste is under control .

  7. Swiss Challenge Approach
  8. Government shall be open to Innovative technology /process / business solutions from service providers and the same shall be procured through a Swiss Challenge method.

  9. SAAS :
  10. Government shall be open to vendors who are willing to provide Software-As-A-Service to the Government for a period of 5 years subject to terms of data privacy and migration agreements.

Key initiatives Knowledge based Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Comments - 1

The availability and performance of services in warranty and after-warranty periods (AMC) may also be considered for registering (shortlisting) the vendors (including OEM) along with qualifying criteria for vendors and quality of goods to be delivered.

Like DGSnD; considering qualifying criteria of vendors (OEM), quality of goods to be delivered and availability and performance during warranty and after-warranty periods; Government may make rate contracts for goods and services (especially in ITC sector). The procurement officers can purchase and make payment such goods and services through on-line.

The permanent arrangements may be made to monitor the supply and installation of goods, performance of services during warranty and after-warranty period (AMC), and solve the complaints raised by the purchasing officers through on-line means.

The guidelines for procuring services (including AMC) may be published; especially for engaging a software development agency or a government approved TSP or an agency through PPP for software development and for providing AMC for software or updating software.

Renchan Thomas
29-03-2017 5:34 pm