Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

6.12. Haritha Keralam

As a responsible state, Kerala is taking continuous improvement measures towards a sustainable environment for a healthy society. Many initiatives are being organized and managed in the state by the Government. Various initiatives planned to strengthen Haritha Keralam include:

  1. Leverage ICT and e-Governance ecosystem for effective planning, implementation, monitoring and Governance of various green initiatives in the state.
  2. Use of energy saving equipment within the infrastructure
  3. Use of Solar and alternate energy sources
  4. Encourage Green certification of IT organizations and buildings within the state
  5. Develop a Green IT Policy / guideline for the effective electronic waste management depending on the nature and use of the equipment.
  6. Create a special project to make available the benefits of modern scientific technology to the agriculture sector in Kerala. Create a system to utilize the E-commerce, digital marketing provisions and developments in IoT , IT, Biotechnology for the common farmers and to create a database in all the phases viz., production, storage and exports/value addition of agricultural products so as to benefit the farmers.

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Please make it the development without cut the tree. We have very good opportunity in tourism area. where ever we can do the tourism here. this is gods own country, Please look at other countries. huge money spending for making trees and struggling for keep the greenish, but our Kerala is blessed with water. if we are keeping this tree. here raining will increase and we will make more money from tourism.
I have so many ideas in this tourism area.
1. Every panchath make it small gardens not only flower, fruits and vegetable garden ( Allocate a person for keep this and half potion of fruits and veg give to this person)
2. In road side also fix the trees and same method.
3. Make it Natural pool every panchayath. and set swimming training and other opportunities there. we can store water in earth. near pool made vegetable and make money from this who is running this.
4. Coconut trees is our worth thing. Dont permit other oil come from out side.

and many more ideas i have.

jaseem Ihsan
24-04-2017 6:20 pm

In the agriculture segment especially in farming and trading lot many things can be done.
a) Mobile application for price dissemination, seasons, market requirements
b) e-learning on farming. Farmers collaboration
c) Water preservation and consumption

21-03-2017 6:54 pm