Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

4.1. Setting up of Digital Government Advisory Board

The Digital Government Advisory Board shall be made up of experts from IT, Telecom and domain experts from respective sector. The board will meet on a quarterly basis and will support and advise the government to deliver better services to citizens and corporates. The board will also evaluate how emerging digital and technology trends can be applied to public services. The Digital Government Advisory Board would act as a Technical advisory group which brings in the expertise and knowledge of the industry and the futuristic trends.

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Companies with international standard,quality and experience are works in our state. Please include representatives from this company, doing that we can use their experiences for formulating decisions

31-03-2017 10:17 pm

Hi, i am a social entrepreneur from Kerala with 10+yrs of global experience in IT industry. I am interested in joining the panel / advisory board. thank you,


Varun Chandran
21-03-2017 7:28 pm