Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

2.1. Objectives

  1. Establish Kerala as a preferred IT & ITES hub particularly in innovation based technologies and leverage ICT to contribute significantly to GDP and employment.
  2. Device Schemes to attract the Global IT players to the Parks in Kerala
  3. Create 1 crore Sqft office space so as to provide employment directly or indirectly to 2.5 lakh people.
  4. Utilize the capabilities of the cooperative sector and the capital from diaspora (NRIs) to develop the Parks
  5. Maintain a steady annual growth in exports of IT & ITES service and products,
  6. Create a Science & technology driven ecosystem for R&D and Innovation to make Kerala a Knowledge society.
  7. Increase the quality and competitiveness of the small and medium IT enterprises and intervene to connect them to the international market
  8. Foster technology entrepreneurship culture and create a sustainable Start Up ecosystem by creating technology hubs.
  9. Provide inclusive, affordable and accessible Electronic Service delivery system for public services. E-governance projects to be completed in a time bound manner and made it under the purview of social audit.
  10. Ensure Universal Open access to data, information and knowledge resources in a digital domain. Enable access of content and ICT applications to the differently-abled
  11. Make the state 100% e-literate and utilize ICT in all walks of life to ensure equitable and inclusive development of the society
  12. Give special emphasis to and promote reserach and development in Malayalam language computing , and develop tools for the same
  13. Build a connected ecosystem of academic institutions leveraging Telepresence and Audio Conferencing, Online Portals and App based learning
  14. Develop a talent pool within the state in skills for sunrise industries and human resource capabilities for emerging and futuristic technologies. Create talent pool of additional resources and increase the ICT employability index.
  15. Make IIITMK and ICFOSS Centres of Excellence for research and development and studies in IT sector
  16. IT@School shall be strengthened and its experience shall be used to develop schemes for Higher education
  17. Create a safe framework for digital living in terms of cyber security, privacy and freedom of internet , conduct training and awareness programs and promote electronic transactions
  18. Leverage IT in the day to day operations and in delivery of services in Hospitals. Government hospitals shall be computerized and shall be connected through a network. The patient data shall be collected and utilized for effective planning and implementation of health activities while ensuring the privacy of citizens
  19. Adopt open source and open technologies in public domain and promote the same in SMEs and industry
  20. Manufacturing of electronics goods/components will be made possible among all (including house wifes) by utilising schemes to transform the State to an electronic hub in the field of electronics production.
  21. Strengthen the operation of Keltron so as to regain the prominence it had in the past and adopt modernization and R&D to matchup with the developments in the Science and Technology Fronts.
  22. R & D institutions shall be established in areas of convergence of IT and Bio Technology and the technologies shall be utilized to improve the quality of exports in fruits, vegetables fish and spices from Kerala

Kerala IT - snapshot Drivers of the Policy

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