Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

9.1.1. Shared Telecom Towers

Telecom is a public utility service & growth engine for socio-economic development of the society. Telecom Towers are widely recognized as critical infrastructure and lifeline installation. “Shared Towers” provides cost and scale benefits and better maximum coverage with less infringement to public life. This will ensure efficient use of resources through cost reduction, extended economies of scale to the telecom business, lowered consumer prices and improved quality of services etc.

KSITIL the government agency for IT Infrastructure shall construct such common towers in government buildings and critical locations based on the request from Telecom operators and lease the facility to them retaining the ownership with the Govt company. The high power committee set up for the decision making shall meet once in 6 months and clear requests . The requests shall be received in Jan and June every year and shall be cleared in a month's time. KSITIL shall undertake the construction of such sites and deliver it as scheduled.

Telecom Infrastructure NetCo & other infrastructure sharing