Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

4.1. Digital Literacy

Human capital is undoubtedly the most significant resource for the IT sector. There has been some robust steps towards bridging the gap between academia and the industry to create employable manpower. However, more initiatives in this sector will be taken to attract companies to start/augment their operations in Kerala.

  1. Strengthen the ICT Academy
    • Build partnerships with renowned international universities/certifying bodies
    • Infuse entrepreneurship in the engineering curriculum
    • Encourage use of free online learning resources from leading universities like MIT and learning platforms
    • Provide guidelines to the curriculum committees for identifying the right online courses
  2. Map industry acclaimed online courses/certification to University curriculum
  3. Delivery of Courses integrating IT with nano technology and bio technology shall be started and R&D in this area to be promoted
  4. Industry-Academia linkage to ensure mandatory internship for IT students. Incentivize IT companies complying with the idea.
  5. Creation of Centres of Excellence in IT education
  6. Develop ICFOSS to an International center for FOSS studies
  7. Develop action plans leveraging ICT to increase the employment possibility and betterment of lifestyle of differently abled

Financial Inclusion and Mobile Banking Connected Education Hubs