Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

2.4.5. Human Capacity Development

The combined efforts of the agencies like ICT academy , IIITMK, ICFOSS and KSUM is required for IT human capacity building , skill development , institutions of higher studies , excellence in FOSS and Start Up development

IT Parks Infrastructure Development

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Each human have a talented skills.Those embedded skills and its utilization often reflected from his/her characters.Education systems of Kerala making only clerks thru Public Service Commissions. The embedded skill of an individual must identify before age of 10.Once it is identified human talent can be developed for creative and productive actions.Dignity of labor is common in western world, even corporate farming, agricultural products with Food and Beverage Supply Chains Kerala must use its potential for high growth.The red tapes and bottle necks of Govt employees must eliminate.Time is money, per hour business and productivity must track for each employees.IT is the major factor for right management and Human capital for collective growth.

David Mathew
23-03-2017 2:36 pm