Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

5. KSUM 2.0

Kerala Startup Mission, K-SUM (formerly Technopark TBI), the nodal agency for implementation of the policy offers, mentoring, infrastructure facilities, entrepreneurship development programmes, seed fund assistance and exposure programmers, for startups. Kerala Start Up Mission has successfully implemented the startup Policy and prepared a base for a dynamic startup ecosystem.  The Government is now looking at a quantum leap in the startup activities both in terms of quantity and quality. The KSUM 2.0 is an attempt in this direction.

KSUM shall focus on Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship and the elements of triggering such innovation are expected to come out of the Academic institutions, R&D centers, Society in general (societal problems) and Rural innovators , involved in ‘jugad’ innovations. We are establishing a clear stream of activities connecting the technical universities and academia at large which will help scout innovations nurture them and bring them to a level of commercialization. On the other end we have R&D institutions and agencies working on cutting edge technologies that are creating intellectual property and advancements in varioius technologies for their own research or operations. These advancements however do not come out for the common good of the society nor does it translate to commercial businesses. The system will have provisions to capture such latent talents and innovations and bring them to the forefront. The biggest triggering force of commercially successful business is a societal pain point, every time an innovation addresses a problem faced by the public in a way better than it is being done currently there is a ready market/ opportunity.  The system shall also plan to identify  , scale up and bring to notice the incremental , breakthrough or the frugal innovations done by general public especially in the rural areas. Open Innovation Platform

Open innovation platforms, an integral part of a corporate business model may be created, by which they can bring in externally generated knowledge into their business and to streamline it along with the internally generated knowledge. This will benefit them to increase their rate of innovation in the business. One way of doing it is like donating company’s patent to an independent, third party organization, put them in a common pool or grant unlimited license to use to anybody. Brining in open innovation can create competitive advantage at the level of business in which ideas for innovations can emerge or go to market from outside the company as well as inside or extended to a regional level. This will aid in the exploitation of intellectual capital and making new technology products. Government shall encourage and incentivize open innovation attempts by corporates and shall facilitate the same through creation of requisite infrastructure and funding.

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