Kerala IT Policy 2017 (Draft)

Department of Electronics & Information Technology

Govt. of Kerala

Message from the Chief Minister

With utmost pleasure I am presenting the IT policy framework of the Government aiming to boost the IT sector driven economy in the State.

The Policy of the Government is to make use of the digital technology for the overall development of the State and to ensure quick and efficient delivery of all essential services. The State has the potential to bridge the digital divide prevalent.

Kerala has a strong infrastructure and human resource strength to adopt digital facilities. Educated people, moderate standard of living etc. are all facilitating factors. We need to leap forward attracting substantial investment in IT sector and identifying and promoting young entrepreneurs though start ups.

Digital technology is imperative not only for the development of modern industries but for the general well being of the State also. This is possible through three ways. Firstly when I.T. is integrated with manufacturing sector its efficiency increases. Rendering of Government service to people efficiently is the second possibility. Thirdly, employment opportunities can be generated by using the possibilities in software development and hardware production. This will help realise the government intention of laying a strong foundation for a vibrant new Kerala.

An efficient governance system is essential to ensure accelerated industrial growth and implementation of novel and creative schemes. The unlimited opportunities of internet of things, social media, mobility analytics and cloud computing will give a boost to conceiving and articulation of new ideas. Moreover the thrust of government in infrastructure development, human resource development and overall economic development will open up large opportunities for the meaningful use of Information Technology and make these initiatives effectively comprehensive.

It is indeed commendable to find that more than 90% of Keralites have been enrolled in the Aadhaar card programmes. In this context government intends to implement the KYC facility through Aadhaar based biometric system. At the same time e-Services of government would not be denied to citizens for want of Aadhaar and it will be ensured through other basic proofs of identity.

For the first the the government intends to publish a sub policy statement relating to various sections along with the main document. It is proposed to update the sub policy documents in an yearly interval to ensure refining the same on the basis of the fast changing scenario in technology and its applications.

Another speciality of this draft document is that it allows the public and experts in the field to contribute their suggestions and inputs, which shall be examined on merit and appropriately incorporated in the final document.

Let us all work together to create a 'NAVAKERALAM'.