INSIGHT is a project of the Kerala Government, which aims to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for the development of the differently-abled in Kerala. Initiated as part of the new ICT Policy (2007), which aims to convert Kerala into an Inclusive Knowledge Society, INSIGHT makes differently-abled people's active participation in the Knowledge society. A first-of-its-kind initiative in Kerala, INSIGHT aims at enabling the differently-abled through the deployment of free software.

Objectives behind the setting up of INSIGHT:

  • To use technology as an interface to increase the quality of life of the differently-abled
  • To make technology accessible and available for hassle-free use by the target group
  • To enhance the employability of the differently abled
To achieve its aim, INSIGHT is developing technology, providing training and sharing knowledge to the same. Through activities like technology development, training and capacity building, content development, placement assistance etc., INSIGHT has transformed itself to one of the most sought after technology hub for Visually Challenged in Kerala.

For more details visit: www.insight.kerala.gov.in