Information and Data Exchange Advanced System or 'IDEAS' is a web based online File, Petition and Government Order tracking system implemented by Kerala State IT Mission with technical support of National Information Centre (NIC).

The system facilitates tracking & monitoring of government documents, serves as a mechanism for reminding the Government departments about the pending status of files and also provides a real-time status of Government files/ petitions. It is developed using open source technology.

This system makes the government more transparent and approachable for the citizens, bringing benefits in its overall governance.

Benefits of IDEAS

  • The citizens can obtain online information about the current status of their petitions submitted to the government.
  • The officers can obtain online information about the movement of files related to their subject, office, department or ministry under the government.
  • The Government obtains an advanced information support system that facilitates more efficient administration.
Click here to find your file: http://sics.kerala.gov.in/ideas