e-Procurement or electronic procurement is an e-infrastructure specially made for business-to-government (G2B) purchase and sale of work, goods and services using the ICT tools. Also known as supplier exchange, e-procurement is a win-win approach towards buying and selling inducing and enhancing transparency, efficiency and confidentially in procurement process through the application of PKI enabled tools. As a Global standard, a 5-10 percent of cost saving is achieved through the adoption of e-Procurement system.

A Mission Mode Project (MMP) under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of Government of India, e-procurement's vision & clear objective is to embrace emerging technologies/ solution for socio-economic development of the State. The implementation of the e-Procurement system in the state has helped to enhance the transparency and efficiency in Public procurement activities and monitor the same on a real-time basis.

Benefits of e-procurement system:

  • Increased transparency & trust in public procurement
  • Effective utilization of funds & cost reduction
  • Enhanced process efficiency & better decision making
  • Faster procurement cycle
  • Reduced human interface
  • Anytime & anywhere bidding
  • Elimination of cartel formation enabling larger participation
Component of e-procurement system
  1. Vendor/ Supplier Management: Facilitates a single interface for the registration of all suppliers who intend to do business with the Government
  2. Indent Management: Facilitate online creation of the works and goods indents and estimates in standardized/ customized formats for approval.
  3. e-Tendering: Facilitates creation of online tender notification & document and its publishing, online bid submission, opening, evaluation & short listing.
  4. Contract Management: Facilitates issuance of electronic Work Orders/ Purchase orders, updation of Measurement Book and progress of work.
  5. Catalogue Management: Facilitates management of new and concluded Rate Contracts
  6. e-Payments: Facilitates and manages online payments of tender documents, bid submission fees, EMD and payments to contractors/ vendors.
  7. Management Information System: Facilitates integration with other modules in order to generate reports from all functional modules.

Programme Implementation Officer

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