e-Office File Management system (e-File) is a Digital Workplace Solution to automate File Management in Government offices. The e-Office project in Kerala envisions modernizing government offices and getting rid of manual paper file processing and replacing it with a digital workflow system. In the process, the government offices will be transformed to 'paperless office' gaining the immense benefits of faster decision making aided by electronic mode of communication.

During 2013, Government of Kerala ordered (vide GO no. 10/2013/ITD) Kerala State IT Mission to start e-Office in a few sections of Secretariat as a Pilot. During the last five years steady progress has been achieved in the rollout of e-Office; and deployed in all 54 departments of Secretariat, several directorates (46 including in progress out of 79),each of the14 Collectorates, 12 RDOs and taken even up to the grass root level to some Taluks, Village Offices and Panchayats.Numerous offices with other e-Filing systems like DDFS has migrated / requested to move to e-Office.

At a national level, in additon to our state, most of the other states utilize e-Office for end to end file flow (Maharashra, West Bengal, Punjab, Delhi, Telengana, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh to name a few). Further, 77 Central Government Ministries rely upon e-Office for e-Filing. With the forthcomingnew Enterprise Architecture e-Office, seamless file flow from Central to State and vice versa would be there in not so distant future.

Implementation in Kerala - A Snapshot



100% - All 54 departments


100% - All 14 Collectorates

Sub Collectorates /RDOs

>50% - 12 RDOs


19 completely implemented; 27 in progress

Taluks /VO / Panchayat


Training on e-Office

> 10,000 end-users

e-File movements per month

> 800,000

Governor's address in the year 2014 (12th para)

"E-Office is being implemented in the Secretariat and will be extended to all Directorates and Collectorates next year."

And later during Governor's address in the year 2016 (36th para) says

"e-Office, the Digital Workplace Solution to transform offices to 'Less Paper' offices by automating office procedures will be rolled out in all departments of the Secretariat, all 14 District Collectorates, 21 Sub Collectorates, 7I Taluk offices and Land Revenue Commissionerate. Other Department Directorates will also implement e-Office at the Head Office first and at district levels subsequently."

On the basis of policy announcement made by the Governor in his 2014 address 12th para,"One Government One Filing system" was rolled out across theState.With e-Office in place, citizens has the option to search ( http://eoffice.kerala.gov.in ) their Tapal/File through internet. It provides transparent information like current status and location of the file.

Current Status

The status of e-Office implementation in Kerala State is shown below.

Top 10 Secretariat Departments - March 18

Top 5 Collectorates- March 18

Top 5 Directorates- March 18


e-Office Implemented Directorates



Office Name


Agency for Non-conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT)




Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT)


Commissionerate of Commercial Taxes


Commissionerate of Rural Development (CRD)


Co-operative Audit


Directorate of Animal Husbandry


Directorate of Employment


Directorate of Higher Secondary Education (DHSE)


Directorate of Public Instruction (DPI)


Directorate of State Lotteries


Directorate of Survey and Land Records




Energy Management Centre (EMC)


Excise Commissionerate


Harbour Engineering Department


Institute of Management in Government (IMG)


Indian System of Medicine (ISM)


IT Parks




Kerala Financial Corporation (KFC)


Kerala Forest Department


Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC)


Kerala Start-up Mission


Kerala State Audit Department


Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)


Kerala State Election Commission


Kerala State IT Infrastructure LTD (KSITL)


Legislature Secretariat (Official Language Committee)




Panchayat Directorate


Regional Cancer Center (RCC)


Registration Department


Stationery Department


Transport Commissionerate


Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau




How to implement e-Office?

Department may send a letter to IT Mission expressing their interest to implement e-Office. Alternatively, may send it through an email to eoffice.ksitm@kerala.gov.in copying to pkrishna.ksitm@kerala.gov.in

Software &Server Cost

Software, Server and maintenance cost will be borne by IT Mission. Department only have to ensure there are adequate Computers, Printers and Scanners and required network at their office.

Nodal Officer

Department may identify an official as nodal officer who will be responsible and point of contact for the implementation of e-Office, procurement of hardware, electrification and network implementation. All communication between the department and KSITMmay be through this selected nodal officer.

Assessment sheet

Department require to fill the assessment sheet and sent to IT Mission. For filling the assessment sheet, you may take help of the Technology Expert from IT Mission.

KSWAN/NKN Connectivity

KSWAN(Kerala State Wide Area Network) connection is required for e-Office to work. Therefore, in case KSWAN is not available at your department, may request a leased line from the nearest KSWAN point of presence through BSNL. e-Office recommends a 4 Mbps connection for 20-25 users.

Computers/ Scanners/ Printers, Electrification& Internal Networking (LAN)

PC's with adequate power back-up (UPS) at all seats, whoever does file processing. Scanners and Printers are also required. All hardware specs requirement for e-Office (except UPS) are available at Centralized Procurement System - http://www.cprcs.com/. Further, the procurement could be done through that site.Each system should have a network port and switch board. Proper LAN networking ensures smooth functioning of e-Office.

Employee Master Details and Email ID creation

Employee Master Details should be consolidatedfor all the employees in the department. This data ensures the file flow and security in e-Office. The collected details should be in prescribed format (includes marking abbreviation, hierarchy etc.) and should be forwarded to NIC for profile creation. On creation of the profile, each user receives a login id and default password in theirrespective mobile number.

End User Training and Handhold Support Engineer

A full day hands-on training by IT Mission Master trainers will be provided to all users before e-Office implementation.The training is free of cost;however, department need to arrange the training hall equipped with computers.

After e-Office implementation, service of trained HSE's(Handhold Support Engineers) may be availed from NIC on payment basis for a pre-defined period.

Upcoming Features in e-Office


A web portal for the citizen to submit any communication (request, complaints, petitions, application etc.) directly to any Government offices irrespective of whether e-Filing is implemented or not. Citizen are acknowledged with a receipt number that can be used to search the status of their receipts online. Further, any despatch against their application will be available online in the portal.

eFile Analysis Dashboard

Revamped eFile Analysis Dashboard provides several invaluable reports and actionable insights for the bureaucracy to have a 360 degree view of their department files. Reports like e-File efficiency, index, Pendency report etc. mostly drives department review meetings.

New Version Release

Almost all enhancements / change request received and native DSC (faster signing) will be addressed in toto in the forthcoming versions ( though some of these are addressed in the current version upgrade).

e-Office NG (Next Generation)

Based on the inputs received from all the States, NIC Delhi is all set to release the NG version with scalable Enterprise Architecture by end of 2017.

Contact Us

For any assistance and enquiries, department may send their requests and queries to the following mail id's.

e-Office Helpdesk mail id :eoffice.ksitm@kerala.gov.in

e-Office ProjectManager : pkrishna.ksitm@kerala.gov.in

Contact phone numbers : IT Mission - 0471-2726881,2314307,2318004