India's first step in taking ICT to the masses has been rolled-out in Kerala, named as Akshaya the state's first district-wide e-literacy project, one of the largest known Internet Protocol (IP) based wireless networks in the world. As a part of Akshaya, at least one person in each of the 65 lakh families in the State will be made IT-literate. This project, piloted in Malappuram district has evolved into one of the most dynamic interventions in public-private-partnerships in the State.

Akshaya was conceived as a landmark ICT project by the Kerala State Information Technology Mission to bring the benefits of this technology to the entire population of the State.

Akshaya is acting as an instrument in rural empowerment and economic development. Quality ICT dissemination and service delivery facilities (Akshaya Centres) has been set up within a maximum of 2 kilometers for any household and networked leveraging entrepreneurship.

Akshaya project's deliverables include:

  • Creating & expanding economic opportunities
  • Awareness about e-learning, e-transaction, e - governance
  • Rural Empowerment of individuals and communities through enhanced access to information
  • Integrating communities through creation of e-networks
  • Creating awareness of ICT tools and usage
  • Generating e-content useful to the common man in local language
  • Generation of service delivery points even in the remotest areas
  • Generating at least 15,000 job opportunities

For full details log on to www.akshaya.kerala.gov.in