AADHAAR & Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was established in 2009 by the Government of India, with the developmental mandate of setting up the infrastructure to provide a universal way of uniquely identifying Indian residents. This is in the form of AADHAAR, a 12-digit unique identification number (UID) that will be provided after getting the demographic and biometric information of an individual. (AADHAAR, translates into 'foundation', or 'support').

The name 'AADHAAR' communicates the fundamental role of the number issued by the UIDAI: the number as a universal identity infrastructure, a foundation over which public and private agencies can build services and applications that benefit residents across India. AADHAAR's guarantee of uniqueness and centralized online identity verification would be the basis for building these multiple services and applications, and facilitating greater connectivity to markets. AADHAAR would also give any resident the ability to access these services and resources, anytime, anywhere in the country. AADHAAR would also be a foundation for the effective enforcement of individual rights. A clear registration and recognition of the individual's identity with the state is necessary to implement their rights - to employment, education, food, etc. UIDAI, by ensuring such registration and recognition of individuals, would help the state deliver these rights.

On June 25th 2009, the Cabinet also created and approved the position of the Chairperson of the UIDAI, and appointed Mr. Nandan Nilekani as the first Chairperson in the rank and status of a Cabinet Minister. Mr. Ram Sewak Sharma has been appointed the Director General.

UIDAI in Kerala
The Government of Kerala would like to enhance efficiency in delivery of government benefits and services through accurate identification of beneficiaries and to have uniform and to have uniform standards and processes for verification and identification of beneficiaries.

The Government of Kerala has set up a Cabinet Sub Committee under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister of Kerala vide G. O. (MS) No. 41/2009/ITD dated 31.12.2009 and a State UID Implementation Committee under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, Kerala vide G. O. (MS) No.1/2010/ITD dated 6.1.2010 to oversee and guide the implementation of the Unique ID number in the State.

The Cabinet Sub Committee constituted in the State is as follows:

Hon'ble Chief Minister - Chairman
Hon'ble Minister for Finance - Member
Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture - Member
Hon'ble Minister for Home & Vigilance - Member
Hon'ble Minister for Law - Member
Hon'ble Minister for Education - Member
Hon'ble Minister for LSGD - Member
Hon'ble Minister for Labour - Member
Deputy Chairman, Planning Board - Member

The State UID Implementation Committee constituted by the Government is as follows:

  1. Chief Secretary - Chairman
  2. Principal Secretary LSGD - Member
  3. Principal Secretary (IT) - Convener
  4. Secretary, Food and Civil Supplies - Member
  5. Secretary, Health - Member
  6. Secretary, Education - Member
  7. Secretary, Planning and Economic Affairs - Member
  8. Director of Census Operations - Member
  9. Representative from UIDAI - Member
The Information Technology Department has been designated as nodal department for the UID project.

A Memorandum of Understanding has been executed on 28 May 2010 between The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and The Government of Kerala for the implementation of the UID Project. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr. Ashok Dalwai IAS, Deputy Director General, UIDAI, on behalf of UIDAI and Dr. Ajay Kumar IAS, Principal Secretary to Government of Kerala, Information Technology Department, on behalf of Kerala State Government.

As per G. O. (Rt) 166/2010/ITD dated 15.7.2010, a Committee of Secretaries has been constituted, as below, to discuss the need and scope of KYR plus data for Kerala and to finalise the scope of such data.
  1. Additional Chief Secretary (Finance) - Chairman
  2. Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) - Member
  3. Principal Secretary (LSGD) - Member
  4. Principal Secretary (IT) - Convener
  5. Secretary (General Education) - Member
  6. Secretary (Social Welfare) - Member
  7. Secretary (Food & Civil Supplies) - Member
A meeting of the Committee of Secretaries for UID implementation in the State was held on 22 July 2010 under the Chairmanship of Shri. L. C. Goyal, Chief Secretary (Finance).

During the meeting, a presentation by Dr. Ashok Dalwai, Deputy Director General, UIDAI, outlined the status of the project. It was highlighted that UIDAI has empanelled 221 enrolment agencies throughout the country. A data centre in Bangalore is being set up with the help of Bharti Airtel and MindTree has been selected as the application software development, maintenance and support services agency. CMC has been identified as the content provider for training. Sify has been identified as the training certification agency and 15 training agencies have been short listed. STQC has been identified as the device certifying agency and India Post as the first mile and last mile partner. A contact centre has been established with the toll-free number 1-800-180-1947.

Regarding identification of enrollment agencies, the Committee of Secretaries examined the potential target groups and past experience of agencies within the State to do this work. Based on the need for technical compliance, geographical and social inclusion, experience in similar work and intended target audience, it was decided that the three agencies which could be identified as enrollment agencies may be Akshaya, IT@School and KELTRON.

The Committee has also proposed to set up a UIDAI - Registrar Joint Working Group with the following composition from each side.
  1. Nodal Officer
  2. Technology Manager
  3. Project Manager
  4. Application Manager
  5. IEC Resource
Besides, there would a State Resource Person and a Bank Representative (for financial inclusion). This and other recommendations of the committee has been approved by the Government of Kerala vide G. O.(MS) No.27/2010/ITD dated 20.08.2010.

AADHAAR in Kerala - Orientation for Secretaries and Heads of Departments

The benefits of the AADHAAR project are innumerable and the unique identification number is quite relevant and essential for India of today which is coming out with a multitude of programmes, said Dr.P.Prabhakaran IAS, Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala. He was saying that while delivering the Chief Guest�s address on the occasion of the AADHAAR Overview Workshop for Secretaries and Heads of Department at the Hotel Taj Residency, Trivandrum on 13th September 2010, organized jointly by the Department of Information Technology, Government of Kerala & Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been created as an attached office under the Planning Commission. Its role is to develop and implement the necessary institutional, technical and legal infrastructure to issue unique identity numbers to Indian residents. The UIDAI's mandate is to provide every Indian resident a unique identification number linked to the resident's demographic and biometric information, which they can use to identify themselves anywhere in India, and to access a host of benefits and services. The number (referred to until recently as the 'UID') has been named AADHAAR, which translates into 'foundation', or 'support'.

Earlier, Dr.Ajay Kumar IAS, Principal Secretary (IT), Government of Kerala, while delivering the welcome address, said that the beauty of AADHAAR lay in the fact that is very basic and fundamental. It has four fundamentals including name, sex, age and address and also involves biometrics and shall be useful in identifying a person, just like one's name. He added that the State Governments have an important role to play in the implementation of the project. In Kerala three agencies have been identified including IT@School (for enrolling children), Akshaya (for rural population) and Keltron for the urban population. Training and orientation programmes have been planned at all levels and today's workshop represented the highest level of training and orientation. The unique identification is free to individuals and residents, he concluded.

Dr.Ashok Dalwai, Deputy Director General, UIDAI made a detailed presentation on the AADHAAR project. He began by saying that it was in the year 2006 that the Planning Commission first thought about the need to capture the data of citizens and continuously update it. He congratulated Kerala for being one of the first States in the country to come forward to take role of a Registrar State; three agencies have been identified for the process. Dr.Ashok said that the UIDAI follows the Japanese concept of Kaizen or continuous improvement and is a very transparent organization. A contact centre has been set up at 1800 180 1947; the choice of 1947 being intentional to denote 'second freedom'.

UIDAI officials also made technical presentations on AADHAAR Applications & AADHAAR in Kerala, Financial Inclusion & AADHAAR Implementation Strategy, IEC Strategy and Biometric Solutions. A technical demonstration of enrolment kit, authentication devices, client enrolment and application demonstration with specific reference to Know Your Resident was a highlight of the Workshop. Dr.Rathan U.Kelkar IAS, Director, Kerala State IT Mission proposed a vote of thanks in the Workshop, in which around 90 senior level officers including Secretaries and Heads of Departments participated.